Gain the clarity, perspective, & support on your writing and publishing journey. For the next (10) days, we will cover different topics that will support your writing goals. Learn how to start writing your book the easy way with guidance. We will guide you through the entire process. You'll learn how to work smarter instead of harder through tools, techniques and strategies provided.

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Reviews - Working With Denita and Her Team!


“Denita is fantastic - I really enjoyed meeting and receiving information and feedback from her. She is a great listener and attentive in conversation. She meets you where you are and shares suggestions for the next step in your writing journey. This experience far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend! 

Melissa - Los Angeles California


This is a great experience I have. Denita is so nice and gives me a thought-provoking and professional info about writing a book and personal life experience.

Yi- China

“Denita was great! So informative and easy to talk to. After her session, she made me feel like publishing a book is actually an achievable goal. Very inspiring. 

Jennifer - Los Angeles California ”

If you want to write a book, LOOK NO FURTHER. Denita is a beautiful soul with the wisdom and experience to take you from A-Z. Even if you're lost or just need direction (like most of us), you will leave with clarity, purpose, and a blueprint to make it happen. She is creative, a fantastic listener, has a terrific sense of humor, makes you feel safe and comfortable, and also delivers. I LOVED my experience and couldn't make a higher recommendation. Here's to happy writing... Thank you!!!!! 

Tori- Los Angeles