We created a Co-Author platform for individuals who wish to share their story with the world but are not quite ready to write an entire book on their own. Co-Authoring a book has so many perks, starting with the fact that you only have to write “half” a book! Adding the title Author to your resume of course and you get the opportunity to leverage each other’s strengths while building relationships. We are now accepting co-author applications for both volumes listed below. Submit your story for one of the following projects and someone will respond within 24 hours. You can't beat that right? Lets get started. Choose the best topic/theme below and schedule a chat.


Share Your Story in the next Co-Author book Series. We have created an extraordinary opportunity for you to share your yoga and meditation journey with the world. We want to hear from you! Are you a yoga teacher/ instructor? Are you a yogi? How did yoga or meditation change your life? What did you discover? What did you learn about yourself?

Share your phenomenal story about how yoga/ meditation transformed your view on life in Volume 4 of Resilience Through Yoga and Meditation.  


Exploring the world can be liberating on so many levels. From the most beautiful islands to explore and oceans to dive into, or a peaceful visit to the desert to unleash your thoughts and creativity. Here at Austin Ink Studio, we have learned so many amazing things about ourselves throughout this beautiful journey of traveling and we know you have as well. We have created an extraordinary opportunity for you to share your experiences of traveling the world.  What did you discover? What did you learn about yourself? Become a co-author by sharing your travel story and life experiences with the world.


  • Recognition in the book with your very own chapter

  • ISBN Assignment

  • Personalized E-Book Front Cover with your name only

  • E-Book Sold on your personal website or blog- You keep all sales

  • Adding Author to your Resume/additional book for portfolio

  • Online Worldwide Distribution

  • E-Book Formatting and Distribution

  • Paperback- Formatting and Distribution

  • Free Book Coaching Services

  • Complimentary Author Copy - Printed

  • Sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and additional Channels and distribution

  • Discount on book services for solo projects

  • Earn extra money while traveling the world by publishing your story

  • Exposure to your website/blog and story within your chapter and MUCH MORE!!!!!!